Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Run the District Ambassador

If you follow me on social media at all, you've likely seen me excited about being chosen as a Run The District Ambassador. Everyone has been offering congratulations - quickly followed by the question, "What does that mean?"

In a nutshell, this means you'll be seeing me post a lot more about running than usual!  Basically, I'm going to help promote and support the running events by providing updates, talking about my training, and sharing my experience participating in the races.

There are several reasons why I wanted to be an ambassador.  As many people know, I love the neighbourhood in London where we live - Old East Village. The "district" part of Run the District, is the Western Fair District - a great entertainment area, and one of the many perks to living in OEV.  Our house is a mere block away from the Western Fair District, and we attend events there regularly. I'm always letting people know about things going on in the District, and how awesome it is to live in OEV.  So this position seemed like a natural extension of that.

Fayetteville Running Club circa 2009
Second, anyone who knows me - really knows me - knows that I'm an externally motivated person. I've always wished that I were more internally motivated, but that's just not the case.  I've learned to use this to my advantage and find ways to provide external motivation to keep me on track for certain goals.  Running is one of those things that, for me, requires some external motivation. This usually comes in the form of registering for races. Once I've invested money in something, that's a powerful motivator for me. I was already planning on participating in these events to help me maintain a running routine over the summer/fall. This ambassador position is another way to maintain that motivation. I'm going to be sharing about how my training is going and encouraging people to run with me. That's a lot of accountability, which means this will likely be the best running season for me since I was a member of the Fayetteville Running Club!

The more I've gotten involved in running in London, the more I've enjoyed it. Two weeks ago I volunteered as a marshal for the Forest City Road Races and I had a blast! There is a great supportive running community in London, and being an ambassador seemed like a great way to get more involved. Plus, I participated in a few of the Run the District events last year - and they are a 

So, if you'd like to run with me (which trust me, you don't have to be fast to do...) register for one or more of the events! I do receive perks if you register through my links, so that is much appreciated (but not required!) The series is as follows:

Chuckle Run - Sunday, May 29
Run to the BBQ - Friday, June 17
I Run for Ice Cream - Sunday, July 17
Women Run London - Sunday, September 25 (sorry guys, women only!)
The Classic Championship - Sunday, November 6

Or register for multiple events to receive a discount!

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