Thursday, August 11, 2011


Aka: Heather Finally Stops Procrastinating

I do not know how many times I have mentally brainstormed, written, and rewritten entries, topics, and photo ops for this blog in my head.  Somehow, my procrastination has gotten the better of me, as I have been relishing my time off and completing only the bare minimum of tasks.

But with grad school looming mere weeks ahead, I decided it was time to tackle the writers block that materialized whenever I attempted to put my thoughts onto paper (or word processor, as the case may be.)  Procrastination will certainly not be my friend in the upcoming year, and I could sure use the writing practice on a friendly audience!

As I mentioned, I have a multitude of ideas about which to write, so (hopefully) for these first few days the entries will be plentiful.  Moving in and of itself is a big ordeal – especially the first move after you get married - who knew two people could acquire so much stuff in less than two years?!  When you are moving to another country that presents a completely new set of hoops to jump through, not to mention dealing with the back to school run-around of being a new student.  London is a big city, and I hope to take full advantage of living in a metropolitan area, perhaps even provide a few attraction suggestions if any readers should decide to come for a visit (hint, hint…)

Also, if there is anything in particular that someone is curious about – the move, Canada, being an international student, the university, weather, etc – I’ll accept topic suggestions as well.  Those will be great when the writer’s block hits hard core – when I am eating, sleeping, and breathing the War of 1812 or SoHo architecture, and am dying for any sort of respite.

Finally, I think this blog will be a great way to chronicle what I’m going through.  There have been so many emotions – excitement, fear, anticipation – and I don’t want to forget what a wonderful time and experience this has been so far (and hopefully continues to be!)

So, once again welcome, eh!  ;) 

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