Monday, June 27, 2016

Run the District - Run to the BBQ Report

I would guess that pretty much every runner has a preferred activity post-run.  Maybe you hold a few yoga poses while downing Gatorade, or you're a morning runner who hops in the shower after grabbing a coffee.  Personally, post-run I'm usually downing water while stretching, and trying to convince my dogs not to lay on me while I'm sweaty. However, last weekend and switched things up and after the Run to the BBQ, I opted for some beer and pulled pork post-race.

The Run to the BBQ coincided with the Western Fair District Beer & BBQ Show.  As part of our entrance fee, we were given tickets to get into the show as well as a few tasting tickets.  Last year the race was set up so that after crossing the finish line you were directed straight into the show.  This year they switched things up a bit, and upon completion runners received a ticket to get into the show that was good for the entire weekend.  This was a nice change, so that if you didn't want to go to the show all sweaty and in your running gear you didn't have to.  Normally, I wouldn't opt to go to a public event all sweaty and in my running clothes, but I figured since I would be one of many smelly ones wondering around it would be okay. Plus, hopefully people wouldn't be able to smell me over the BBQ....

The route for this race took us through the Old East Village neighbourhood - in fact we ran past our house twice.  I was glad that this was a single-loop route, and though we did overlap for the first and last kilometer, it was still really nice. There was even a very enthusiastic group of children with signs and cheering everyone on.  The route was mostly flat (though we did run through the Florence underpass again - like on the Chuckle Run) and partially shaded, which was nice since it was a warm evening.

It is June, which means it was hot and humid, though not as bad as it could have been. The race started at 7 pm on Friday evening, and it was about 80 F (27 C).  There was a bit of a breeze and as I mentioned the course was partially shaded, so it wasn't too bad.

I looked pretty much identical to the last race, with my running capris, Run the District Ambassador shirt, and Brooks Adrenaline 13 shoes.  After this race I do think I need to invest in some good compression running shorts.  I like the support that the capris give me versus the other running shorts I currently have, but it would be nice to have something with a little less coverage for hot days.

Thoughts Along The Way
For this race I was concentrating on my two goals, running the entire time and (hopefully) beating my time from the Chuckle Run. So those were the things dominating my thoughts while I ran. I spent a good deal of time people watching in the neighbourhood, as a lot of people were out walking or out in their yards watching the runners.

Finishing & Results

I'm happy to report that my improved training paid off, and I accomplished both of my goals.  I ran the whole race (it wasn't fast, but it was running) and I beat my previous time by nearly two minutes. I also physically felt a lot better at the end of this race than the last one, so it's nice to see the improvement.  I'm keeping up the training and hope to see an even better time for the next race.

The Beer & BBQ Show was a lot of fun, and the beer was quite refreshing after the race. I'm looking forward to the next event -  I Run for Ice Cream - which, you guessed it, ends with ice cream!  Hey - if you have to run in July, at least you can finish with a cold treat!

If you want to join me for the next race you can register here!